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Partlyhuman incorporated is an independent multidisciplinary technology and design shop owned and operated by Roger Braunstein. It's my pride to deliver projects with quality, bug-free, maintainable code; and to run these projects with a casual, positive, levelheaded, and honest attitude.

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Corporate History

Roger Braunstein started partlyhuman inc. in February of 2008. This first year saw the completion of a mess of sites, a widely-used chat application, and a multiplayer web game that clocked over 100 million plays in a year. In 2009, partlyhuman inc. refocused on mobile development (including an iPhone app that peaked at #2 in Entertainment) and consulting, while completing smaller sites for independent, creative, high-profile clients. Meanwhile, Roger completed the heavily revised and updated second edition of the ActionScript 3.0 Bible. In 2010, partlyhuman inc. continues to provide high-caliber end-to-end development services bridging the mobile, web, gaming, and social spheres; expand into the interactive art space; and develop several independent projects.

Biography Roger Braunstein, CEO, partlyhuman inc.

Roger embodies both a generalist and a specialist. He thrives on learning and applying new techniques to solve problems, and thus has developed a broad and varied skillset. On the other hand, he maintains an incredibly deep expertise in the Flash/Flex platform. He has worked in every job from associate developer through head of development, and is equally handy at management, architecture, and low-level implementation. In addition to creating applications for web, mobile, and desktop, Roger enjoys photography, design, and animation. Roger shares his expertise through a series of educational articles posted on the dispatchEvent blog and through books he has authored, including two editions of the ActionScript 3.0 Bible and an Introduction to Flex 2. In his work, Roger strives for elegance, simplicity, and an enjoyable and memorable user experience, the achievement of which has earned his work awards and nominations from FWA, CommArts, and the One Show.

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Partlyhuman inc. is headquartered in sunny Brooklyn, New York, in a historic brownstone. I have laptop and will travel; give me a shout no matter where you are!

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